Write Weird Stuff.
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About Us

Tropium Nitrate is a filmmaker collective that specializes in screenwriting.

The name of the group itself derives from a 2008 college paper written by Andrew Zane. The subject of the paper concerned the idea of tropes (hence 'tropium').

Now, a 'nitrate' is just a polyatomic ion with a lot of different uses and a large Wikipedia page so we'll be the first to admit that we just thought it sounded cool. It's also one of the components of Ammonium Nitrate which is commonly found in explosives.

As a compound, these two elements convey exactly what we're all about: risky chemistry. Some people believe in living dangerously. We want to write dangerously. We want to provoke, inspire and Intrigue. If we're good at what we do, we hope you want the same thing.

#WWS - Write Weird Stuff