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Spider hole: A Short Film Project


Following an unspecified calamity that decimates the outside world, a traumatized survivor makes his last stand. Running low on supplies, shrouded in darkness and beset by the relentless clamor of undead hordes, we soon begin to question whether our desperate hero is well and truly alone...

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"Spider Hole" was conceived of as an exercise in deprivation. Our team had just acquired an M/43 Black Magic Cinema Camera (which we purchased in Tigard, Oregon to avoid paying the sales tax) and we were all anxious to test that sucker out.

What began as a loose collection of experimental camera techniques became an all-out short film.We drafted up a 2-page scenario and ran with it.

After dabbling in silent cinema a bit with "Prophecy", we found that the true challenge wasn't making a film without dialogue. It was scheduling... 


Enter Phillips

The production found a sparkling talent in our lead Anthony Phillips. We met him working on-set for the UW student production "Auteur" and early on it was agreed that working together was something that needed to happen.

Without hesitation, Anthony jumped into the trenches despite the fact that we had no budget. This was a passion project in every sense of the word and there wasn't a man more suited to the task than he.  

"Operation Shoestring"

The post-production process for 'Prophecy' had already hit the 2-year mark and we were getting antsy. We had to make something new. 

A 2-page scenario couldn't be that hard to produce.


In the end, we built set extensions, fashioned "human flesh" from pork chops and haggled with the Seattle Office of Film & Music for the cheapest permit they could offer.  


The Beard Story

There was a long period of time between our interior and exterior shoots. Due to some lapses that we have since learned from the team had not accounted for Anthony's beard. Almost immediately after our initial shoot he had it shaved. The gods of continuity wept. True, Anthony was available to do pick-ups. But his facial hair was not. 

As weeks turned to months, we took it upon ourselves to correct the situation. Thanks to the outstanding work of local make-up artist Karina Cohrs we were able to beardify Anthony and get our last shots!

Rumor has it that our key grip, Mo Jmaileh, saved the leftover beard as a keepsake. Who's to say? It is now a legend lost to history. 

Coming Soon

Our wonderful composer Nick Sondy and our intrepid sound designer Sean Boyle are in the midst of creating yet another haunting soundscape for "Spider Hole".

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