Write Weird Stuff.

The Team


Bikram Cheema 

Though he admits that initially he just imitated other films, Bikram began making short movies right in his backyard in order to screen them with his family and friends. He was heavily influenced by Bollywood. But it wasn't until he saw M. Night Shyamalan's 'Signs' that he realized he wanted to be a storyteller. When he's not helping the Tropium Nitrate team produce other projects he spends the majority of his time learning more about film and reading LOTS of comics. 


Steve Dao

A Cairn Terrier who growls at tall men in hats. Bikram has trouble. 


Jonas Feroz

Peddles stories, production notes and skepticism. "The Pedantic One". 


“A.A. Zane”

Producer, writer, director, essayist, editor, cartoonist, honcho, teetotaler.

Likes: breakfast for dinner and traveling to desolate places. 

Dislikes: his cowlick. 

Trotsky minus the Trotskyism.

"A.A. Zane" is the pen name of Andrew Akada.

Out of the Past

None of us went to film school but that doesn't mean we don't have prior experience. All of us have drifted through the Seattle film scene in one respect or another. Over the past eight years we've all participated in several roles including (but not limited to) gaffer, prop master, line producer, assistant director, location scout/manager, script supervisor, grip, assistant camera and editor. Take a look below to catch a glimpse of us in (and out of) action.