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Feature Scripts

Wake the Ashes

by A.A. Zane

In the near future, human cloning has become accepted medical practice. They call it 'mirroring'. After her sister tragically 'delays', a determined Margo maneuvers the horrors of health insurance policy with a little help from her paranoid husband, Roy, and their bohemian brother-in-law as they try their best to 'introduce' Margo's sister to a life without death. 

White Night

by A.A. Zane

After he's accused of leaking videos of his ex-girlfriend to a revenge porn site, amateur shutterbug Gerald Fitch embarks on a road trip with his ex-con dad to find and confront the true culprit and clear Gerry's name. But when things don't go exactly as planned, an off-beat coming-of-age story takes a darkly comic detour into the realm of sex and madness that neither father nor son could have predicted. 


by A.A. Zane

Amid the vast reaches of territorial space, the nature preserve of Orcades-723 waits - as “useless” as it is remote. When supply issues prompt its administrators to abandon the project, a wandering sailor named Bolie DuMaurier arrives, determined to catch a fleeting glimpse of the fabled Asuras - plague animals infected by a virus that endows its victims with telepathy and, so it is said, immortality. 

John Brown's Body

by A.A. Zane

October, 1859. An eclectic band of idealistic insurgents led by the abolitionist John Brown attempt to seize the Federal Armory at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. They hope to provoke an uprising in order to free the slaves. At once a non-linear meditation on memory and political violence, the story rebuilds the raid through the eyes of those who lived it, from its aftermath to its origins, in order to tell us who we still are and who we could yet be.

Short Scripts

The Lighthouse

by A.A. Zane

Alex - the sole keeper of a 'lighthouse' suspended in an endless void - is suddenly jolted from her routine when a mysterious glowing orb emerges from the cavernous depths of space. Desperate with curiosity and smothered by loneliness, she uses her ingenuity and technical prowess to unlock the secret of the distant light.

When an aging 'captain of industry' is visited by mysterious individuals bearing odd similarities to himself, the 'Captain' prepares to defend what is his. 

Manifest Destiny

by A.A. Zane

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